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Meet Cecilia Cazares and José Cano, a couple from Chula Vista, CA. They enjoy spending time with their chihuahua pups and hosting friends at their beautiful outdoor dining space. 

In November 2018, a fire broke out at the home of Cecilia Cazares and José Cano, destroying their garage.

The Cano's decided the only way to heal from the tragedy was to rebuild the burnt-down area with purpose. They converted their existing garage space to an accessory dwelling unit. They would provide housing for a community member in Chula Vista, CA, and generate income for their retirement needs.

"This is for us, our little retirement home. A while back, we had thought about maybe buying another house, but we decided since this is a one-story home, and as we get older, this will be the perfect place for us to stay."

- Cecilia Cazares

Accessory dwelling units, commonly known as Granny Flats, are often built for various reasons, additional living space, extra income, and property value. The Cano's built theirs to generate additional income and maximize their home value.

On August 23rd, 2020, the Cano's put their ADU on the market. Within hours the couple received notifications from multiple people interested in renting the 493 sq ft unit. Amid the pandemic, José and Cecilia were able to capitalize on their investment.







The Cano's Timeline

In January 2020, Cecilia and José met Jared Hamiter, a Home Solutions Expert at Multitaskr. Jared guided the Cano's throughout their entire ADU process. When Jared first visited the Cano's property, he captured an insight into the couple's vision for their new unit. Just a few weeks later, the permitting process began and would progress to the beginning of March 2020.

Due to early March COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, construction began in April. Their income-generating unit was announced completed in mid-July.

The Cano's also took advantage of Multitaskr's virtual floor plan. The virtual floor plan enabled potential renters to virtually tour the new ADU from the web. This became essential.

This tool helped potential renters virtually tour the unit during COVID-19 restrictions. Apart from the pandemic, this tool provided an in-depth view of what's inside the ADU. Anyone could virtually tour the space at any time of the day.

Cecilia and José are thankful for their investment, and their ADU is currently occupied.


$2,100 (EACH MONTH) 

The Cano's built a 493 sq ft stand-alone unit. Their income-generating unit was constructed with high ceilings and includes a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and 2 laundry rooms (one for the tenant(s) and one for the main unit). One parking slot is as well available for the tenant on the driveway of the main home.

Due to the fire, the Cano's insurance company covered a large amount of their ADU project. Although that is not the case for many homeowners, Multitaskr can help you finance your ADU project. 

"Being in the financial arena, I knew that an ADU, a rental, would add value to the property. It would assist us not only in retiring but remaining comfortably retired."

-Cecilia Cazares

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