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Understand San Diego's ADU Permit Costs & Fees

The county requires building permits to build an ADU; however, fees have decreased by nearly 50% to make it more cost-effective than ever.

5 Projects That Innovate and Provide Maximum ROI to your Home

What if we told you that you could remodel a portion of your home and receive a return on your investment?

Take Advantage of Pre-Approved ADU Plans In San Diego

San Diego County has made pre-approved plans available to the public that covers all California construction codes.

5 Things You Must Consider Before You Lot Split With SB 9

There are a few conditions and standards homeowners must follow to complete a lot split regarding feasibility, design, permits, construction, and parcel maps.

How Property Owners Can Add More Living Space With SB9

California approves lot splits on single-family residences, transitioning away from traditional zoning, allowing up to 4 units on one property.

Here’s Why You Should Understand ADU Pricing

Discover how Multitaskr Construction estimates ADU projects.

How Are ADUs Appraised In San Diego?

Appraisers can determine how much value your ADU will add based on the size, design, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and purpose for construction.

California’s New Housing and Zoning Law Senate Bill 9 Explained

Here’s what you need to know about California’s new Senate Bill 9, which will facilitate qualifying lot splits for homeowners living on single-family zoned properties.

A Year In Review

Multitaskr shines a light on the education, technology, construction, and financial solutions that have been brought to homeowners across Southern California in 2020.

7 Outdoor Living Trends For A Backyard Getaway

Disconnect from the world right from the breathtaking spots in your backyard.