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The New Way To Do Construction (ft. John Cefalu)

July 19, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

John Cefalu is a different type of contractor. He and business partner Derek Clelan started JJ’s Landscaping in 2018 mowing lawns and learned the basics of construction and landscaping from DIY YouTube videos.

The small business that began as something temporary just to help them make enough money for their following jobs led to something more significant when they discovered how to fill the hole in construction.

They educated the homeowners, listened to their project vision and needs, and communicated with contractors in-depth.

When the light bulb clicked, John and Derek formed The Buildsters in 2020, where they would brand construction using the power of social media, uniting contractors and homeowners under one platform.

To learn more about The Buildsters and how they pave the new way for construction, visit them here.


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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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0:00 Introduction

0:55 Meet Jon Cefalu and JJ's Landscaping 

1:44 Learning Construciton on YouTube 

2:31 $4 Million Company

3:06 The Key To Success 

4:45 Supplier Connection + Contractor Networking

5:30 The Bridge Between Homeowners and Contractors 

6:30 Network Expansion

7:15 Who Are The Buildsters?

8:10 The Buildsters Podcast

9:00 Creating Construction Brand Awareness

9:50 How Long Have The Buildsters Been Alive?

10:04 Why Should A Contractor Contact The Buildsters?

11:39 Becoming An Agency For Construction

12:30 The Mom and Pop Difference

13:53 Building A Relationship With Multitaskr

16:02 Mirror Companies and Pairing Processes

17:50 The Contractor Concern

18:54 The Surge of ADUs

20:22 Contractor Pros When Working With Both Companies For ADU Projects

21:39 The Future of Construction Starts With ADUs

22:00 Benefits of Adding An ADU

22:45 The Difference Between Construction and Landscape Investments

23:26 The Buildsters Perspective and Plan

24:50 Creating A Safe Place Together

25:13 Homeowner and Contractor Success

26:00 How Will Virtual Reality Empower Contractors?

26:35 Recap of Today’s Episode