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The Godfather of California ADUs (ft. Senator Bob Wieckowski)

June 01, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

California Senator Bob Wieckowski advocates for affordable housing, job creation, weatherization and has authored several bills eliminating housing and zoning restrictions for ADUs within the state.

He transitioned secondary housing to accessory dwelling units on single-family residences and works to house people during the current crisis.

Learn what roadblocks he continues to improve to encourage ADU construction.

Passionate about ADUs, but facing a current challenge? Get in contact with Senator Wieckowski here.


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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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0:34 Introducing Senator Bob Wieckowski

1:06 Who’s Senator Bob Wieckowski?

3:19 Tips On How To Become Energy Efficient

5:40 Let’s Understand Wieckowski’s Bills

6:27 Secondary Unit Transitions To Accessory Dwelling Unit

8:12 Adjusting ADU Parking Requirements

8:43 Homeowner Sewer & Water Fees

9:35 Permit Process

10:07 Sub-Divide Your Home

10:33 Senate Bill 229

11:09 Tandem Parking

12:00 Misconceptions About SB 13

12:20 No Impact Fee For 750 Sq Ft Or Less

13:40 Brining ADUs Up To Code

13:56 Creating SB 229

14:48 Build Two ADUs At Your Property

15:18 Embracing ADUs Statewide

16:50 Analyzing Setbacks

18:00 City Planners Put Halts On ADUs

19:05 ADUs Create Affordable Housing

20:08 Property Taxes

20:45 Rebuilding Community In A Crisis

21:33 Challenges Within The Cities

24:14 Why Should Homeowners Take Advantage of The Senators Bills

27:35 Multitaskr Educates Consumers On ADUs

28:30 What Is The City Analyzing?

30:14 Student Living Opportunity

31:13 One Day Permits

33:00 Multitaskrs ADU Funding

34:30 What Can Multitaskr Do To Help?

36:09 SB 12 Helps Issue Housing Permits

37:00 The Process For ADU Growth

39:30 Reach Out To Senator Wieckowski

40:08 Introducing VR Tech

46:20 Who Is The Godfather?