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Solar: The Solution To Home Savings (ft. Demetrio Amaya and Elizabeth Fajardo)

February 16, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

This week we welcome team members Demetrio Amaya, Director of Multitaskr Solar, and Elizabeth Fajardo, Multitaskr Solar Consultant, to the round table. Coming from a finance and real estate background, the CEO and founder of Multitaskr, Joe Frausto, was not well-informed on the process of switching to solar until he met the power team. What Joe did know is that renewable energy solutions were a must to bring savings to homeowners.

With an original background in the trade finance for the oil sector in Mexico, working with Mexican companies' loans from U.S. banks, Demetrio was well informed on the borrowing process. As he later transitioned into an industry with lasting growth, solar, he met colleague Elizabeth Fajardo, where they would work to decline electricity volatility with solar panels.

In 2018, Demetrio met Joe Frausto. Demetrio became amazed by how Multitaskr focused on providing more than one solution to homeowners over time. "As a sales rep, I would work with a customer once, and that's it. Solar panels last for up to 25 years, but at Multitaskr, I am able to find multiple comprehensive solutions for homeowners life long needs."

Liz leads sales management training at Multitaskr, finding durable, renewable solutions for homeowners. One mistake she shares is that homeowners often misunderstand solar and its lasting effects. That's why she and her power co-worker Demetrio are here to educate vs. sell you the cheapest solution.

Guest: Elizabeth Fajardo, Multitaskr Solar Consultant and Demetrio Amaya, Director of Multitaskr Solar

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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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0:34 Intro

1:04 Why Demetrio Joined Multitaskr

2:05 Joe’s First Impression of Demetrio

3:15 What Drew Liz To Multitaskr

4:33 Demetrio’s Professional Story

5:51 Liz’s Professional Story

7:14 Careers In Solar

7:58 The Solar Coaster

8:40 Educating Homeowners

9:34 Sales Rep VS Solutions Experts

10:42 Fitting The Correct Product

12:24 Why Should Homeowners Have Solar Panels?

14:40 Solar Ownership VS. Lease

16:00 Savings Options

16:57 Trends of Leasing VS Purchasing

17:56 We Tailor Solutions For Your Needs

18:01 Questions To Ask Your Solar Rep

18:30 General Question To Ask Solar Companies

19:09 Why Do People Often Have A Bad Solar Experience?

20:12 Solar Misconceptions

21:00 Ask The Right Questions

21:15 What Other Renewables Bring Savings?

22:28 Battery Backup Solution

23:32 Self Generation Incentive Program

24:56 Advice to Homeowners

25:55 Don’t Go With The Cheapest Solution

26:25 Quality Solar Installations

26:59 Educate Yourself On Your Solar Options

27:35 Savings Long-Term