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Realtor Creates ADU Awareness For First-Time Buyers

May 18, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

Stephanie Gutierrez is a realtor in Long Beach, California, specializing in first-time home buyers and sellers. Over the past eight years, Stephanie became an advocate for accessory dwelling units and the most innovative real estate trends that build equity and add value.

Referred to Multitaskr by Rogelio Martinez (as seen on S2 Ep1), Stephanie continues to bring awareness to homeowners and grow her network through Instagram.

She educates homeowners and works closely with the Latino community with strategies to remove uncertainty, build equity, complete frequent home sale contingencies, and search for older valuable properties that have space to build an ADU.

To get in contact with Stephanie Gutierrez, follow her on Instagram @stephsellshomes_


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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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0:34 Welcome To Season 2

0:55 Meet Stephanie Gutierrez

3:46 Adapting The Market to 2020

5:05 Real Estate + Technology

5:37 Why Is The Market Hot Right Now?

6:21 Buyer Personas

7:25 Home Sale Contingencies

9:20 First Time Buyers In 2021

9:38 Single Family Residences + ADUs

10:28 Equity Game

10:59 Down Payments

12:08 The Demand for ADUs

12:57 Stephanie's Perspective on ADUs

15:12 Generational Wealth and Passive Income

15:47 Baby Boomers and ADUs

16:48 ADU Awareness Among Realtors

17:31 How Did You Meet Multitaskr?

18:32 Are We Empowering the Homeowner?

19:27 We’re A Homeowners Guide

20:04 Connecting With Realtors

20:46 Expanding Across SoCal

21:15 Simplifying The Process

22:45 VR Removes Uncertainty

24:04 High Demand For Construction