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How Tiny Homes Make A Big Impact In Real Estate (ft. Lindsay Wood)

October 18, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

Since 2018, Lindsay Wood has lived in her tiny custom home. The 300 sq ft loft with two levels and 11 ft ceilings is a huge traveler, road-tripping from California, Texas, and Colorado.

Why switch to the tiny home lifestyle, though? The real estate trend offers affordability, simplicity, portability and lowers your footprint on this earth.

The tiny home industry is a new real estate trend working to legalize the way of living nationwide. A few areas have approved the lifestyle; City of Fresno, City of Los Angeles, City of San Diego, City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, County of Humboldt, and the State of Maine.

If you’re tired of the maintenance a single-family home requires, or maybe you want to move around the next few years, a tiny house is just right for you. Find out what the process is like, who you should contact, and what the experts in the industry are saying to build the most efficient tiny home.

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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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0:00 Introduction

0:33 Meet The Tiny Home Lady!

2:22 Living Tiny Across The U.S.

3:30 Finding A Tiny Home Builder

5:15 Tiny Home 101

7:40 RV Parks

9:47 Tiny Homeowners POV

10:43 Airbnb Tiny Home

11:37 How Big Is Your Tiny Home?

12:41 Why Become The Tiny Home Lady?

13:40 The Flexibility of Tiny Homes

14:24 Advantages of Tiny Homes

15:53 Disadvantage of Tiny Homes

17:10 Legalize Tiny

19:48 Pick and Chose In Virtual Reality

20:46 Using First-Hand Experience in Business

23:17 Go Tiny Academy

24:53 Advice for Someone Who Wants To Go Tiny

28:16 Can I Hire Lindsay?

29:08 How Many Tiny Builders Are There?

30:30 Scaling The Market

34:40 Visualizing Tiny Customization

37:27 Other Solutions If A Tiny Home Is Not Available

39:57 Legalization

41:08 Legal Cities & Counties

41:50 Get In Touch With Lindsay

43:40 How To Tour Her Home Virtually

44:10 Average Cost For a Tiny Home

45:15 Lindsay Wood’s VR Experience