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Home Appraisal: The ADU Approach (ft. Sidney Loiseau)

April 19, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

Sidney Loiseau is a certified residential appraiser and founder of South Shore Appraisals in San Diego, California.

Since 2000, Sidney has worked throughout Southern California in asset management, appraising, origination, and became inspired to build an appraisal business in 2010 that could resist a severe market downturn.

Sidney empowers homeowners with home appraisals determining the honest value of their current or future home. He shares why homeowners should consider an appraisal, who to contact when ready, and how an ADU could affect your evaluation.

To find out how much your home could be worth with an ADU, contact Sidney Loiseau at 


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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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00:00​ Intro

00:41​ Meet Sidney Loiseau

02:27​ The Move To San Diego

3:00​ Building South Shore Appraisals

4:55​ Favorite Part of Appraising

7:09​ Strong Appraiser Qualities

9:11​ Appraisal 101

14:02​ Why Would A Homeowner Want To Do An Appraisal?

16:50​ Multitaskr Is Changing Real Estate

17:10​ What To Consider When Working With An Appraiser

19:34​ Appraisal Rebuttal

20:00​ Appraising Accessory Dwelling Units

20:52​ Work With An Appraiser Who’s Familiar With ADUs

22:11​ ADU Trends From an Appraiser POV

23:34​ When’s The Right Time To Call An Appraiser?

26:32​ How To Get The Most Value With An ADu

28:31​ How Do Homeowners Prepare For An Evaluation

30:48​ Does Rental Income Add Extra Value?

34:29​ Gross Month Multiplier (GRM)

36:23​ What Else Should Listeners Know?

37:42​ Who Should I Contact To Get An Appraisal

38:48​ Multitaskr Client Case Study

39:58​ A Surprise For Sidney