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Finance Your ADU With Fund Control (ft. Marcus Carter)

March 15, 2021 12:00am |

Episode Description

Marcus Carter is the founder and managing partner of GNT Financial and La Mesa Fund Control & Escrow's managing partner.

On a daily, Marcus works with privately funded real estate loans, traditional escrow services, construction fund control escrows, and other private finance opportunities.

With over 20+ years of lending construction dollars, Marcus shares his insight on how you can finance your ADU, what lenders consider during the qualification process, and how to understand the loan you are given.

Marcus also shares the feasible strategies to consider when thinking of repurposing commercial space. The demand for construction is high, and Marcus is here to tell you how you can get the dollars to support your repurpose.

Guest: Marcus Carter, Founder and Managing Partner of GNT Financial, and La Mesa Fund Control & Escrow’s Managing Partner

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Filmed and Edited By Erick Magaña

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00:00 Intro

00:30 Welcome to Season 2

01:06 Marcus Carter’s Introduction

02:10 La Mesa Fund Control & Escrow

03:00 Why Real Estate?

04:12 The Beginning Of Fund Control

06:00 Who Do You Do Business With?

06:24 ADU Process

06:49 ADU Financing

07:58 Do You Have Enough Lendable Equity?

08:40 The Ability To Borrow

09:20 How Is Their Overall Credit?

09:52 Repurposing Commercial Buildings

13:06 Commercial vs Residential Evaluations

13:24 What Should Consumers Ask Lenders?

15:15 Understanding Fund Control

17:36 Growth of Fund Control

19:10 Why Use La Mesa Fund Control?

21:08 How To Hire La Mesa Fund Control

21:59 Why Should Contractors Use Fund Control?

22:49 Joining Forces With Multitaskr

23:34 Private Lending

26:29 The ADU Shift

26:58 ADU Rules & Regulations

29:00 What Do Lenders Evaluate

30:33 How Can Multitaskr Simply The Construction Process

32:23 Thoughts On Multitaskr + VR?

34:49 Marcus’ Advice

36:10 A Look At Season 2

37:22 Marcus’ VR Experience