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Top 5 Multitaskr Projects Completed In 2021

From accessory dwelling units, kitchen remodels, home remodels, and home additions, these projects we tackled assisted homeowners in getting high value and best use of their spaces.
January 06, 2022 12:00am

Multitaskr is well-known for its customized accessory dwelling units (ADUs) across San Diego County. Aside from building income-generating spaces, they are also known for their home improvement one-stop-shop. In 2021, Multitaskr stepped outside its comfort zone and constructed everything and anything San Diego homeowners needed.

This year alone, we completed seven projects and has 18 ADUs currently in construction. Like no other year, the demand for remodels, additions, landscape renovations, and other home improvement projects surged.

As we enter year three, we continue to serve homeowners, guide them through each phase of homeownership, and help them find solutions to their property challenges. We want to share the top projects we tackled this year, assisting homeowners in getting more value and better use.

The following are the top five projects:

1. Keep The Family Close
Project: 400 Sq Ft Stand-Alone ADU + Solar

Anthony T., a homeowner living in San Marcos, CA, always wanted to build an ADU but just couldn’t find a contractor he could trust. After discovering Multitaskr through a Facebook advertisement, he connected with Sebastian Salgado, Home Solutions Expert. One consultation later, Anthony fell in love with the customer service and the ADU process led by Multitaskr.

When meeting with Sebastian, he shared his vision of building a studio space for his mother-in-law, who at the time lived at his primary home. He wanted to keep her close and offer her private and personal living. Together, Multitaskr and Anthony designed a 300 sq ft studio with a slanted roof that followed a modular design. With standard finishes all around, this space was large enough for his mother to move around and feel at home, just right in Anthony’s backyard.

During the process, Sebastian presented a solar solution to Anthony. With additional living space on his property, energy expenses could rise. Still, our solution could save him over $130 per month, solar panels. Impressed with the savings, solar panels were installed on both the main home and the ADU for energy savings and intelligent power.

Today Anthony’s mother lives in the unit, keeping her close to family. 

2. More Income Never Hurt
Project: 400 Sq Ft Stand-Alone ADU

Sherry M., a homeowner in the San Diego area, discovered Multitaskr through a Facebook advertisement. Impressed with all they offered for ADUs, she booked a virtual consultation with Home Solutions Expert, Isaac Ruiz.

During the consultation, Isaac asked for her budget, received details about her dream project, and any challenges stopping her from adding more value to her property. Sherry was concerned that her property did not have enough space to fit a 300 sq ft ADU. Multitaskr is committed to finding a solution for our clients that brings value yet affordability. With the help of financing and a thorough feasibility report, Sherry built a 400 sq ft ADU with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen.

The entrance of the ADU is quite unique, with solid french double doors. The kitchen is sleek, with white marble countertops, white cabinets, and black door pulls. The bedroom doors add farmhouse vibes, with sliding roller barn single wood doors. The pop of color in the flooring, light brown hardwood floors adds a rustic touch to the new space.

The classic black and white living space will be used for rental purposes and earn Sherry an extra stream of income monthly. 

3. Investing The Millennial Way
Project: Home Remodel | Duplex

Christian Johnston is a homeowner and real estate investor. In summer 2020, he was introduced to Multitaskr by friend and project coordinator Juan Pablo Garcia. Christian joined the team a few months later, impressed with how Multitaskr was tackling the construction and real estate industry bottlenecks. Now, Chief Operating Officer Christian can work closely with each dedicated team member and be hands-on with his various real estate investments.

With the help of Multitaskr, he converted his 1,750 square foot single-family home + junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU) attached to a duplex. The front unit of the duplex has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a large living area, and a full kitchen.

The second unit of the duplex has one bedroom, one bathroom, a large living area, and a full kitchen. During the remodel, a wall in the living room was torn down to open up the kitchen and broaden the living area for entertainment, as the front unit of the duplex will be rented out for Airbnb. The JADU was closed off to create the duplex's second unit, and the garage was converted into a bedroom.

Christian wanted to build out the unit with materials that would pop in photos during the design process, making his Airbnb stand out from the others, as San Diego is a competitive area. The millennial-designed duplex has a bright teal backsplash and rose gold cabinet door pulls for the kitchen selection. Both duplex units follow the vibrant color palette. The contrast adds flavor and functionality. However, the back unit will be used for long-term living.

Christian's lot is not yet completed, as the additional accessory dwelling units are currently in the permitting phase. This lot will continue to build for value and best use over a year. 

4. Move-In Ready 
Project: Kitchen Remodel

Morgan Hampel decided to purchase a new condo before his current lease ended. His pain point in buying the condo was that it needed a severe kitchen remodel. The space was small and not functional.

Morgan wanted to avoid living in a construction zone as much as possible. On a mission to find a contractor who could remodel his kitchen under three weeks before move-in day, he was referred to Multitaskr by The Buildsters.

Morgan shared that virtual reality helped pave the design for his remodel. He toured his initial design in virtual reality and realized minutes later that he could not leave the artistry of the remodel in his hands.

After speaking with our talented designers and architects, an elegant yet modern look was created for the condo kitchen space. New cabinets, appliances, door pulls, and flooring were installed. The all-white cabinets and stainless steel appliances gave the kitchen a soft look. A tad of blue and gray color was added to the kitchen backsplash to add a warm tone to the space.

Morgan plans to add more value to his condo shortly, perhaps a bathroom remodel. 

5. Goodbye outgrowth, hello value

Project: 386 Sq Ft Home Addition

Karina Rodriguez wanted to expand her current living space to move in and care for her mother. Her 1,600 Sq Ft single-family home was not spacious enough for additional housemates. To avoid purchasing a new home, Karina took action. She designed a 386 Sq Ft home addition that would create a new master bedroom and a new walk-in closet for storage. The current master bathroom will be converted into a JADU, a junior accessory dwelling unit. Once the JADU is constructed, it will become her mother's new home.

Karina tackled the addition first before breaking ground on the JADU. She was the primary designer in this project, sharing Pinterest inspiration with our team of architects, selecting greys and dark neutrals to amplify the space.

The JADU is set to be completed later this year, which will add 400 Sq Ft of living space and a personal bathroom for her mother. With the addition and the JADU, a total of 2,323 sq ft of living space will be added to the property. Picture the value being added.

Our solutions at Multitaskr could soar your property value. Visit us here if you're ready to start a home improvement project and make the top five list in 2022.