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The Future Of Construction Is Virtual Reality

The next level of construction uses 3D modeling to visualize construction projects in a completely virtual environment from VR goggles.
October 26, 2020 12:00am

Virtual reality, better known as “VR”, is an interactive virtual experience that enables users to tour construction projects months and sometimes years before building. It’s as simple as request a construction inquiry and receive a 3D model in return. This 3D model can be accessed by the web page or directly through your VR goggles. By the web, you are able to change the furniture, material, or adjust elements of your project to your style. Through your VR goggles you have the ability to do the exact same and unlike on the accessed web page, walk around your project to get a better sense of dimension. 

The Virtual Reality Advantage 

The virtual reality experience is shaping the way we view construction, providing clients with detail, transparency, and a completed visual of their future project. Virtual reality creates a clear stream of communication within the project management team, the architect, the contractor, and most importantly, the homeowner. Collaborate from any location to any team as long as you have your goggles on.

In order to view a project in VR, the project is converted into a 3D model that provides the user with insight on measurements, architecture, interior, and exterior design.

Virtual reality brings the advantages of…

#1 - Visit virtual project site before actual construction

#2 - Get a better sense of dimension, scale, and overall understanding of your project

#3 - Alter plans of a “finished” project

Virtual Tours Are In Your Favor

Virtual reality technology is the newest construction technology used by Multitaskr to provide homeowners with a 3D visual of a project that is not yet constructed. This 3D model enables users to walk into a completely virtual version of their home project from a real-time perspective.

With the use of virtual tours, contractors are able to save time and money for the client. Instead of using funds to adjust the client’s vision, the architect is able to alter the 3D model based on the user’s VR experience. Virtual reality is completely in the favor of the client, we save you time by being able to view your project from your home, we protect you from visiting a risky open construction site, and lastly, we are able to work faster at your advantage, making adjustments directly to the model followed with a presentation.

The following construction projects are presented in a 3D model and have been used for cost-efficient virtual tours and project visualization:

Bathroom Remodel
ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)
Kitchen Remodel 

Click here to schedule a Virtual Reality Demo! Immerse yourself into a future project, it's only one design away. 

Nicole Buddie