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Take Advantage of Pre-Approved ADU Plans In San Diego

San Diego County has made pre-approved plans available to the public that covers all California construction codes.
April 02, 2021 12:00am

Pre-approved ADU floor plans are great resources for homeowners considering building an accessory dwelling unit. These floor plans are pre-architectured, pre-engineered, pre-designed, pre-approved by the city, and covered by California's code. Pre-made plans are saving homeowners time and money during ADU development. Although pre-approved plans still require city permits, pre-approved floor plans simplify the design process. Suppose you decide not to use pre-approved plans. In that case, you could still analyze various sets to understand better what type of ADU would fit your property.

There are a few requirements when working with pre-approved ADU plans. Pre-approved floor plans must adapt to your specific lot. First, you'll want to browse through the pre-made plans; then, you'll want to work with an architect to begin adapting them to your property. The city has created a set of pre-approved plans that can be accessed here or browse through Multitaskrs selection here.  

Why Build An ADU With Pre-Approved Plans?

 Now more than ever, it's feasible to build an ADU at your property. Homeowners can use pre-approved floor plans to build ADUs on multiple properties. However, it's essential to review your selected set of plans with a licensed architect or engineer to adapt your lot plans. Pre-approved plans are only one set of plans in the complete plan set reviewed by the city to permit the construction.

Other plans included in the set are site plans, which include setbacks, distance from other structures, neighboring homes, and details such as any other units or sheds on the property. The second set of plans you'll find in the package detail existing easement, power lines, large trees. These details help the city envision where you would potentially place the ADU on your lot and if any factors could hinder development. 

How Much Can I Save With Pre-Approved Plans?

ADU construction will form most of the project costs. However, you'll see ultimate savings within your project timeline. Pre-approved floor plans save time and can be best for those ready to build. If you decide not to use the city's pre-approved plans or Multitaskrs, you'll still benefit. Pre-approved plans will save you a few headaches. You" be able to evaluate pre-made plans and communicate your ADU vision effectively to any team of architects.

Take advantage of pre-approved ADU plans to shorten your project timeline or better understand what homeowners are building on their properties in your area. To request free advice from our construction team, click here.