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SB9 and the Future of Homeownership in California

Making a lot split with SB9 to build your dream ADU is made easy with the tool that works for you.
March 08, 2022 12:00am

Did you know?

There are now more ways than ever to make money from being a homeowner in California. With new home tech tools, updated zoning laws, and ways to make more living space, you can sit back and watch your property value climb. With the rising expenses that come with living in California, it can be difficult to keep up with the Joneses. Owning property in California doesn’t have to be your biggest expense. There’s more good news where that came from- you don’t have to be a real estate investor to invest in the real estate you own. Quite frankly, you don’t have to know anything about it. Imagine starting your home improvement project with personalized tools, organization, and home experts on your side dedicated to maximizing your property value. That’s what we’re here to do, so let's get started. 

Where to begin?

I hope you’re excited about getting to know all of the ways you can improve your single-family residence, but you may still have questions about feasibility, designs, layouts, cost, and the entire construction process. The Project Development Plan was designed to take away any uncertainties you may have moving forward. With the PDP, homeowners stay in control of their project without having to do any of the work. The PDP includes Virtual Reality, so you can see your design in 3D and make any adjustments before the work begins. If you are interested in adding additional living space to your property, the Project Development Plan is the perfect place to start to ensure you are happy with the end result. Click here to see everything included in the PDP!

What does it look like?

The most efficient way to increase your property value and start earning long-term income from your property is to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit. An ADU looks like a tiny house that can be added to your property as a separate building or an attachment like a renovated garage. It may be small in size, but it makes big dreams come true for your property goals. With the Project Development Plan, you can visualize your dream as big as you want it to be because it is customized to your wishes, or you can pick one of them from our ADU catalog. 

The New Zoning Law Making it Possible

With tricky zoning regulations, it used to be difficult to build an ADU within the state limitations. Thanks to California’s new zoning law, Senate Bill 9, homeowners are now able to make the most out of the land where they reside, allowing them to maximize the financial potential of their property while keeping up with the neighborhood standards. By making a lot split with SB9, adding an ADU has never been easier. Multitaskr has developed a free SB9 tool where you can easily discover if your property qualifies for a lot split under these new guidelines. Use our new SB9 tool here to find out if you can move forward with a lot-split. 

You’re On Your Way!

Now, what are you waiting for? If you’re a homeowner in California, there is no better time than now to invest in what you already own and pave a future for financial success. And hey, maybe you’ll beat your neighbors to it! Our team of home experts at Multitaskr are here to take on your project design, floor plans, cost estimation, financing, virtual reality, permit processing, project management, and construction of your ADU from start to finish.

Our solutions at Multitaskr could maximize your property value. Visit us here if you're ready to start a home improvement project!