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How VR Technology Will Improve Your Construction Experience

July 27, 2021 12:00am |

Virtual reality improves the home renovation experience with 360 tours, trouble-free design edits, and lets you get a feel of your new space pre-construction.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Multitaskr merged virtual reality into the construction journey. Using virtual reality, homeowners could tour their home projects before construction. They could now walk through their new space from their living room as our director of construction presented the 3D model from the Multitaskr headquarters.

On several occasions, the pandemic forced in-person meetings into virtual settings. Some clients simply did not feel comfortable visiting the office for an extended period.

Virtual reality was one of the many PropTech tools that Multitaskr planned to give access to homeowners to simplify their home renovations. It just came sooner than expected.

The two types of technology that influence the construction industry today are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Multitaskr has their hands on one of them. Virtual reality was first used in video gaming and Hollywood motion pictures. As a tech leader in construction, it helps mimic real-time experiences, virtual site walkthroughs and lets you preview what a new space will look like. Virtual reality is the future of solid construction, good business relationships, and customer experience.

The use of virtual reality has helped Multitaskr understand clients' visions who can not meet in person. The tech has brought a sense of trust, transparency, and comfort for homeowners.

At Multitaskr, virtual reality is involved in all of our construction projects and introduced to clients during the design phase.

Tour Projects In WebVR

Thanks to new technology, you can now experience virtual reality for your construction projects on any web browser. WebVR makes it possible to tour your property's interior and exterior areas using your mouse or keyboard arrows as a guide. Although the VR goggles make the virtual reality experience interactive, WebVR is a solution for those who want to take a second look at their new space from any location.

WebVR is also an excellent solution for realtors. Using WebVR, potential buyers can tour listings anytime from a desktop computer or their smartphones.

Visualize Your New Space In VR

The leading virtual reality experience in construction is the scenario where homeowners, developers, and investors can walk through their project in 3D by wearing VR goggles. As you place these goggles on your face, you get a feel of your new space. Walk outside, into the bedrooms, or even navigate a smaller space. This technology tool allows you to see what you will be getting and help give you access to make design edits vs. costly change orders.

Make Trouble-Free Design Edits

During your initial consultation at Multitaskr, you'll speak with a call center agent and share the specifics of your project. Those specifics will include the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, purpose of construction, kitchen layout (if applicable). They will also ask for you to share a Pinterest board during your second appointment so that our team of architects can draw up your dream design. Once your design is presented to you in virtual reality, that's where you will be able to request edits if needed.

Let's say you are remodeling your kitchen and initially shared with our team of architects a selection of marble countertops from your Pinterest board. Then, you toured your new kitchen in virtual reality and no longer wanted marble countertops. Instead of making that change amid construction, we'll go ahead and complete a few change orders at no cost since we are still in the pre-construction phase.

Virtual reality lets you make trouble-free design edits. Design edits, better known as change orders, will take our team of designers some time to update. However, you will be asked to walk through your updated project in virtual reality once all edits have been completed. It's essential to approve that 3D version of your project before advancing to construction so that you can envision what will be built.

Virtual reality is the tool that keeps construction honest and transparent. If you're ready to start a project at your home, click here. Your home renovation projects will be a lot less stressful this time since you are using the solution to better construction, virtual reality. 

Nicole Buddie