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How To Get Your Neighbor To Understand The ADU Benefits

In 2020 alone, California constructed 8,957 accessory dwelling units. With the number expected to double by the end of 2021, here's how you can get your neighbor on board.
August 24, 2021 12:00am

Building an ADU is one of the most significant real estate investments homeowners can make in residential construction. We often get asked if neighbors have the right to complain about your newly constructed ADU. Your neighbor will always have the right to complain. They'll be able to complain about loud music, an ugly fence, the ball accidentally kicked over to their yard, and that new ADU you just built. Though there is a way you can prevent neighbor complaints.

It's all about getting educated on ADUs and then sharing what you can and can't do by law with your neighbors. Don't worry; we assign each of our clients a Home Solutions Expert to guide and educate you through the ADU journey.

When someone complains about ADUs, share with them that ADUs are providing California's housing crisis with a cost-effective solution. The secondary living units offer as much space as apartments at an affordable rate. ADUs are accessible for seniors, young families, college students, and young adults transitioning out of college.

California Lawmakers Encourage You To Build

California state laws set rules in place to respect your neighbor yet encourage more ADU development. A four-foot side and rear setback from the lot lines and a 16-foot height maximum are mandatory for all ADU construction. As long as you follow the essential setback from the lot lines, your neighbor will not be able to argue. New state laws are encouraging more homeowners to take action and build ADUs. According to SB 9, local agencies can allow up to eight units on a single-family lot if passed. California lawmakers continue to push for ADU reform to provide Californians with more affordable living options and address the housing shortage.

When your neighbor attempts to argue with you about your ADU investment, share with them the following:

  • Increasing the supply of housing without having to build on a new lot
  • Offering an affordable place to live in a city of high rents and housing prices
  • Generating income for your family needs

Now, who's going to argue with you for supporting your family and community?

Depending on the size, amenities, location, you can rent your secondary living space for a competitive neighborhood price. Adding an ADU to your property can earn your family between $1,500-$2,100 a month. Put this extra income towards savings, retirement, or a college fund for your children. Create stability for your family and community.

Next time your neighbor tells you they'll have a problem with you building an ADU in your backyard, share the benefits and laws supporting construction with them. For more information on how to build an ADU starting at $99k, visit here

Nicole Buddie