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Homes Design Ideas for Pet Owners

Besides confirming that pets make people happy, dogs and cats create housekeeping problems with fur/hair issues and the tracking in of dirt and mud.
May 17, 2020 09:00am

A lot of money is spent cleaning after pets these days but what if you could remodel your home with your pet in mind and alleviate the pain?

Here are some practical design ideas you can use when remodeling with your pet in mind:

Indoor Pet Retreats. These rooms are generally located by an outside back door and sport automatic feeders and drinking fountains, and some feature a doggy shower.

Disguised Litter Boxes. Apart from offering privacy, many of these designs resemble furniture.

Cat Ramps and Cat Trees. Cat ramps are stairs that diagonally run up a wall to meet a shelf, which runs below and along the perimeter of the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling cat trees are constructed like columns throughout the home and wrapped in carpet or rope.

Built-in Benches With Removable Covers. These look like benches but open their covers and you'll see they're toy boxes. They also make a convenient place to stash leashes and large doggy balls.

Stain-Resistant Fabrics and Carpeting. Pet owners who don't like the look of shedding hair choose fabrics, rugs and non-toxic carpeting that match their pet's fur.

Laundry rooms are ideal for locating a dedicated shower for grooming. This setup lets him dry off in a custom alcove.

Photo by Stanton Homes

Claudio Robertson
Financial Expert at Multitaskr