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12 Home Improvement Resolution’s For Better Living In 2022

Homeownership can be complex - here’s how you get control and make it a lot more simple. Take on each month with a resolution to better maintain your home.
January 14, 2022 12:00am

New Year's resolutions can go beyond yourself. Ever thought of setting goals for your home? Homeownership requires commitment. Aside from your family, career, and personal health, you also have your home. This year, we encourage you to create a specific list of home improvement resolutions that improve the condition of your living space and add value.

You could cross off resolutions from both your personal and home list by transforming the existing spaces at your property.

Check out our 12 home improvement resolutions that will make your home more valuable than ever and the perfect place to tackle new goals:

January: Add a Home Gym To Achieve Health Goals

This year, one of your goals may be to get more active, work out at least twice a week, or perhaps make some healthy changes to your lifestyle. An at-home gym is convenient. It's easy to fit into your routine and requires no gym membership. Basic exercise equipment at home lets you get your work out without even leaving your house. To tackle the home gym project, first select an unused area of your home, like a garage or decluttering an extra room in your home that stores miscellaneous items.

Next, you'll want to invest in a few items...

- Foam shock-absorbent flooring

- Dumbbells

- Dumbbell Rack

- Large Safety Backed Mirror

- Jump Rope (cardio)

The home gym is one of the most valuable home improvement resolutions because it will last you for years, challenge your fitness goals, and help you prioritize self-care, like reducing the risk of disease. HomeAdvisor shares that the average cost of a home gym could be as little as $300, but the average price is about $2,000. Your home gym expenses will vary depending on whether or not you currently have an existing area, the brand of weights you purchase, and the type of flooring installed, which is essential to consider for durability.

February: Upgrade your HVAC Filter (The air you breathe)

The HVAC filters clean out dust, pollen, pet hair, and small particles out of your heating and cooling systems. These filters are essential, because they avoid these particles from spreading throughout your home and into your lungs. Breathing clean air roots back to how clean your HVAC filters are. According to U.S. Home Filter, homeowners should switch out their air filters every 90 days to keep it in good condition. If you have pets, if your home is large, or if you use your system often, your HVAC may require more maintenance. The condition of your HVAC relies on the air quality inside your home and outside in your neighborhood.

Thinking of upgrading your HVAC filters? Book an appointment here, and one of our experts will get in touch with you sharing the different filter options that vary in cost. Average HVAC repairs range from $285-$500.

March: Schedule a Home Inspection

Whether you have been a homeowner for three years or 10+ years, it’s important to know what condition your property is in. Scheduling a home inspection will get you clear on if your home is suffering from any leaks, mold, termites, or if there is a potential hazard. Leaks and hazards like a bad roof can cause financial stress and challenges if they are not addressed immediately. Think of the home inspection as a doctor's checkup. Every so often you attend a doctor's visit to see how your body is doing, and as you get older, those check ups occur more frequently.

The home inspection is an examination of your greatest investment. To schedule a home inspection with Multitaskr click here. Once your appointment is confirmed, a certified inspector will attend the appointment and assess your roof, electrical system, plumbing system, insulation and ventilation, heating and cooling systems, structural components, fireplaces (if any), exterior features and interior features. If you are currently experiencing an issue at your home, be sure to mention that to the inspector on the day of your appointment.

April: Design an ADU AKA An Income-Generating Unit

More income never hurts. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), also known as a granny flat or casita is an additional living space added to your property for income, housing, or to increase property value. Some homeowners even venture into building an ADU to create a home gym, home office, or a distance learning space.

More often than not, homeowners have unused space at their property in the backyard, on the side of the home, but what many don’t know is that ADUs can also be attached to the home or convert a garage into an ADU.

Design your dream ADU for Airbnb use, rental income, or move in a family member that needs extra care. The great thing about ADUs is that they are 100% customizable. With the help of a feasibility report, find out if you could build an ADU on your property and how to maximize your home value with this additional unit.

Clients of ours across San Diego are renting ADU’s for as much as $2,100 a month. Get more bang for your home investment. 

May: Review Your Financial Well-Being

With a mortgage, car payment, medical insurance, family expenses, groceries, utility bills, it’s easy to lose sight of your finances. Many homeowners don’t take advantage of the Customized Financial Report. The CFR or Customized Financial Report gives homeowners an overview of their current financial situation.

Whether your credit is good, or perhaps you’re looking for solutions to improve your credit, it’s important to know your FICO score, loan to value ratio, debt to income ratio, monthly payments, and all other debt.

If you’re looking to lower your current mortgage payment, refinancing your home could be a potential solution to improve your financial well-being. A home refinance could save you money, but it as well could cost you. It’s important to submit a CFR before so you can discover what is the best option for your property.

Homeowners often chose to refinance to…

  • Lower their current interest rate
  • Shorten the term of their mortgage
  • Consolidate debt
  • Tap into their home equity

Find out if now is the time to refinance with our financial team here.

June: Transform Your Outdoor Space to Outdoor Living

As you prepare for Summer, it’s time to get that home looking sharp. A great curb appeal welcomes guests and attracts potential buyers during selling time. Low-cost maintenance can help transform your outdoor space from a one-time gathering place to an all day and night entertainment spot.

Plant flowers, replace your garage door, invest in durable outdoor furniture, or add an outdoor kitchen for frequent BBQs.

Some of our favorite flowers for the summer months include:

  • Angelonia
  • Begonias
  • Coleus

All of these summer flower options can be found at your local gardening store, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or nursery. 

July: Prepare for Wildfire season and Install Backup Batteries

California’s severer wildfires begin to spark in August and September. A combination of high winds and extreme dry heat grow wildfires quickly. During the fall months, it’s difficult for firefighters to contain the fires, therefore at times gas and electric companies like SDG&E and Southern California Edison are forced to turn off power at thousands of homes across the state.

Solar panels are the most efficient way to power your home, reducing a strain on the grid, and saving up to 60% on your electricity bill. There is no doubt that renewable energy, like solar, has immense environmental and financial benefits. Though, during public power shutoffs or blackouts, solar panels can not provide energy for your home. Backup batteries are needed to power your system during shutoffs.

When you install a backup battery at your home you..

  • Prepare for wildfire season
  • Create an emergency preparedness plan
  • Avoid power outages at all costs

In California, the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) covers battery expenses for homeowners who live in high-fire threat zones. Find out if you qualify here

August: Install Drip Irrigation To Save

Maintaining your outdoor space doesn’t have to require much maintenance. Simply evaluate what areas of your landscape need the most water and invest in drip irrigation. This modern lawn and gardening system waters your landscape with steam, drip or spray. It’s effective, low-maintenance, and saves water.

Drip irrigation provides your landscape with the water it needs, without watering or soaking your plants. Witness your water bill drop since you’ll no longer be using excessive water. This system also avoids water runoff and erosion. If you’re interested in a beautiful outdoor living space that requires as little work outside as possible, contact us here to get your hands on a drip irrigation system. 

September: Clean Out Your Closets & Donate Before The Gifts Come In

We tend to clean out our closets right before the holidays hit, to avoid a packed closet or an overflowing one. This year, get organized before the storm of gift giving hits your family. Perhaps you have two closets in your home or maybe you have four? Each week select a new closet to organize, and donate all that clothing that you haven’t worn in years or toys that your children no longer need or use to your local Goodwill store or Salvation army.

Home Depot has some of the most efficient yet cost-effective closet organizers. Shoe storage can start as low as $20 and top around $200, depending how large of a rack you need the price will vary. If your closet seems to be overflowing with shoes and there’s no room for a rack, place that rack in your bedroom and add some decor around. Here are our favorite shoe rack in bedroom organization styles, meanwhile they give the room such a vibe!

October: Enhance The Heart of Your Home

In just a month, family and friends will be gathering over at your home to celebrate the holidays. Is your kitchen spacious enough to host? Would you like to upgrade your cabinets or install a new countertop before guests start coming over? The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you’ll be hosting family over for dinner, inviting guests over for a baking night, or scheduling a wine night with the girls at your home, remodeling an area of your kitchen can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a couple grand.

The cost of your upgrade will vary depending on the material you select, if the layout of the kitchen has to be altered, and the size of the space you are remodeling. If you’re looking for a quick yet game-changer upgrade, consider replacing the door pulls on your cabinets or installing a new countertop. More often than not your pulling on the door pulls, but this time around, add a door pull that adds a pop of color to the kitchen whether it be a warm tone or brighter to lighten up the room.

A new countertop will set the tone for your cooking, when looking to install a new countertop, you’ll want to take into consideration durability. Granite, quartz, and recycled glass are the most durable countertops. Want to speak to a material and finishes expert about potential new door pulls for cabinets? Click here

November: Improve Home Insulation With New Window Seals

As the leaves start to change, the temperature starts to drop. Nights at home can be colder than others, that’s why it’s vital you check out your current windows to keep cold air from coming into your home. No one is comfortable sleeping in the cold. Leaky windows make it easier to turn up the heater and increase the energy bill, but if your windows are properly sealed, no cold air will come in.

Instead of installing completely new windows to improve the temperature in your home, try sealing the gap with weatherstrips. If you’re noticing condensation inside the windows or fog, that is a sign that air is coming through some part of your window. Sealing the window is simple and your first step, once the window is completely sealed, you’ll want to add blinds or draped curtains to the window to boost insulation and avoid the outside temperature from coming in. The best way to avoid the cold from coming in is by making sure your windows are as fit to their seal as possible.

You can reach out to an expert here to avoid drafts from coming in and keep your home cozy year-round. 

December: Design Your Dream Home Project For More Value

The holidays can be expensive, although we have been told multiple times, “It’s not what you give, it’s the thought that counts.” Homeowners often put their home care at the bottom of the list during this season. Though, there is nothing like being home for the holidays, hosting, and celebrating everything we have to be thankful for inside our homes.

Without spending any cash, begin by planning your first remodel project for the new year. Meet with a designer and a contractor at Multitaskr to find a solution on how you can add value to your home in the new year. The way the housing market is going today, each month we witness an increase in value. Make your home the highest and best living space in the neighborhood. Browse through Pinterest, then meet with one of our experts to see how you can tackle the new year.

Ready to prioritize your home and make homeownership that much more simple? Visit us here to take action on the resolutions, savings and increase value.